The Nasoraean Mandaean

The Nasoraean Mandaean is a community-supported worldwide society in the main stream of the ancient Nasoraean, Mandaean and Sabian revived traditions. For nearly four decades, this society has promoted a radically Nasoraean Mandaean approach to the spiritual and scholarly tasks in interdisciplinary language, culture, history, philosophy and theology. The Nasoraean Mandaean Association focuses on promoting peace, love, harmony and enlightenment in Australia and worldwide. It has successful programs that help in developing leaders for the academy and other areas of service, and enhancing the cultural discernment of Nasoraean Mandaean believers. We continue to prepare new generations who will birth ideas that move the Nasoraean Mandaean community closer to God (Hayye Rabbye: The Great Living One).